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  • What is Guide Dots?

    Using strategically placed dots and online video instruction, Guide Dots gives your child the map to unlock their creative ability.

  • What makes us Different?

    Guide Dots allows your child the freedom to explore art in the comfort of their own home, on their own time, at their own pace. 

  • Added bonus!

    Mama/Papa peace while building your child’s confidence.

Our Testimonials


"My 8 year old son is very creative but with drawing he would have trouble figuring out where to start and how much space each element required, so would get frustrated. He watched the video tutorials with joy, getting more excited as his picture came to life. It was lovely hearing him say "mom, I've got this" as he worked, and seeing how proud he was of his finished picture.”

-Gabe (age 8)


"Between ALL THE THINGS, carving out time for my five-year-old to create is not always easy. Guide Dots is the solve we were looking for. My daughter is able to sit down with a roll and complete each project without any intervention from me. More importantly, she feels proud about what she’s made and eager to make another. Highly recommend this to anyone who’s child is interested in art!”

-Aadya (age 5)


"We got Guide Dots for our son, Mace, for Christmas. He has always loved art. We would sit him down to make some art, but he would just quickly scribble something in 5 minutes, when we knew he could do better. Miss Cindra's teaching method is amazing and has finally gotten him to have patience with his art. He is better able to express his wonderful and creative brain!”

-Mace (age 6)


"I am beyond happy we found Guide dots. It is a win win as a mom because Gianna gets excited for her monthly package and she can complete the class independently without supervision from me. She has blossomed as an artist and learned so many new skills. I love seeing her confidence grow!”

-Gianna (age 6)


"My daughter received a Guide For subscription for her fifth birthday. I was so grateful that she received this rather than another toy that would get left out or broken. My daughter absolutely loves Guide Dots and it has allowed her to blossom as an artist. The step by step directions are perfect. She is able to take her time and take a break when she needs it. I highly recommend Guide Dots!”

-Henley (age 5)

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